How To Replace Dyson Soleplate Wheel

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Step 1: Remove the filter from the top of your vacuum.

Step 2: Unscrew the bottom plate that covers the motor, and remove it from its housing.

Step 3: Remove the old soleplate wheel by unscrewing it from its nut and then removing it from its bearing assembly.

Step 4: Install a new soleplate wheel into its bearings assembly by screwing it in place and then putting a nut over it to secure it in place.

Step 5: Reinstall your vacuum’s filter cover plate, giving it about two turns until you hear a click for each tooth of your screwdriver’s Allen wrench as you tighten it down with your Phillips head screwdriver.

What is Dyson soleplate?

Dyson DC14 and DC33 soleplates keep the roller brush bar in place by securing it to the bottom of the vacuum. You can find it on the parts list at 908655-08. Since it is in such a high-traffic area, the genuine Dyson Soleplate has to be durable.

Do Dyson brush bars wear out?

The vacuum’s brush bar can wear out over time. Replace your brush bar if it is causing damage to your floor or if it is no longer cleaning as effectively as it once did.

Why is my Dyson brush not rotating?

The majority of brush bar jams and snags can be fixed quickly and easily by gently removing the debris from the brush bar. Alternatively, you can remove the brush bar from the housing quickly for maintenance in the event of a problematic blockage.

Where is the brush bar reset button on my Dyson?

You can usually find the vacuum’s on/off switch for its brush bar on the handle or in a slot on either side of the vacuum’s head. Flip the vacuum upright, plug it in, and turn it on after pressing the button once to reset the brush bar.

How much is a Dyson DC14?

In addition to the Root Cyclone constant suction system ($550), the Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum has a wand attachment that expands to 17 feet in length and a unique advanced turbine head for removing pet hair from tight spaces with the same fury it uses to clean your floors. It also has an automatic carpet height adjustment ($550).

When should I replace my vacuum brush roller?

You may need to replace your vacuum’s beater brush after a year or so. You should replace the brush if the bristles appear to be squashed, broken, or of varying heights. These can be found on the internet by searching for your vacuum cleaner’s brand and model number.

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