How To Empty Dyson Dc39

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1. Remove the bottom cover by removing the eight screws that secure it to the vacuum cleaner base.

2. Remove the top cover by taking out four screws at the rear of the vacuum cleaner base and then remove the two screws that hold it in place at the front of the machine.

3. Lift up on both sides of the handle and pull it away from you until it allows you to remove a plastic strap located at its base. The handle should now be removed from your vacuum cleaner base completely.

4. Unscrew all four screws on top of your vacuum cleaner, which will allow you to remove any additional attachments that may be attached to your Dyson DC39 model. If you do not have any attachments, then you are ready to empty out your Dyson DC39 model completely

How do you empty a vacuum canister?

Turn the cleaner off and set it upright to empty the canister. Push the button to release it, and then dispose of it in a trash can. Open and empty the canister with the bottom release lever. Close the door, replace the canister on the cleaner, and vacuum as usual.

How do you empty a Dyson Root cyclone 8?

Toss the dust into a trash can or wastebasket, simply pull the trigger. Firmly shake or tap the fine dust collector to remove any remaining dust. B Close the clear bin base by pressing firmly in the center. Before emptying the bin, disconnect the machine from the power source.

Where does the dirt go in a bagless vacuum?

Dirt and debris are collected in a dirt cup or chamber that can then be emptied from bagless vacuum cleaners.

How do you release the hose on a Dyson Ball?

A To remove the hose, twist it away from the machine after rotating the base of the hose downward until it clicks. B Remove the airway inspection by pressing the release catches and looking inside. C Check the inside of the tube by pulling the top end away from the machine.

How do you take the hose off a Dyson small ball?

Remove the Hose from the Drain.The vacuum’s body has a hose release button near the bottom, where the clear bin is normally attached for convenience. To remove the hose completely from the vacuum, hold the lower cord winder on the back of the machine while pressing the hose release button.

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