How do I clean my Worx trimmer?

For straight, even cuts, keep the trimmer’s cutting head at a level angle. Gas trimmer spark plugs should be checked and cleaned at least once a year in the spring. If your trimmer’s cutting line runs out, you’ll want an extra spool on hand. After each use, be sure to brush the trimmer to remove any remaining grass clippings.

Can electric hedge trimmers be repaired?

Your hedge trimmer is practically worthless if the power cord is broken. You can, however, repair the cord and use the trimmer again for a relatively small sum of money and a little ingenuity. A new plug can be attached to the trimmer’s cord if it is long enough to be useful.

Why is my Worx trimmer not working?

Make sure the lights are working again by replacing the battery. The charging station may need to be replaced if the replacement battery does not work. Trimmer battery should be plugged into trimmer. The trigger should be depressed after you’ve pressed the lock button on the rear handle to secure the gun.

How long should the trimmer line be?

How do you clean string trimmers after use?

Why do people take the guards off string trimmers?

Why is my hedge trimmer blade not moving?

What causes a hedge trimmer to stop working?

Why is my electric trimmer not working?

Can I use WD-40 to lubricate hedge trimmer?

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