This is how you make a video recording on your Samsung Galaxy A50:

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1. To begin, we’ll see if our Samsung Galaxy A50 has a screen recording icon in the quick access menu. With our Galaxy A50 unlocked, we can access the panel, where we can access quick settings like connecting to a Wi-Fi network, connecting Bluetooth, muting, and even putting our phone into airplane mode. Slide the panel down one more time to see the entire screen, then look for the screen recording icon.

2. To record a screen on our Samsung Galaxy A50, go to the fast panel and look for the edit symbol, which is usually three vertical dots.

3. Click on “Button order” in the floating menu to change the order in which the buttons on your Samsung Galaxy A50’s quick panel appear.

4. A blank area separates the settings icons we’ve already specified in the Samsung Galaxy A50 quick panel from those we can add to it. To do this, we’ll go for the screen recording logo, tap on it, and then move it to the bottom of the screen recording panel without letting go of it.

5. It’s easier and less likely to fail if you slide your finger from the top of the screen to unfold the panel quickly and then tap the screen recording icon that we saw earlier on the Samsung Galaxy A50 quick panel to start recording. To stop recording, tap the screen recording icon that we saw earlier.

6. Choose whether the video will be of high quality or in low quality. You should record your video in a noise-free location if you don’t want the external sounds to be recorded by default on your Samsung Galaxy A50’s microphone.

7. The Samsung Galaxy A50’s screen will show a three-second countdown before footage of everything that happens on it starts recording.

8. Press the power and volume up keys simultaneously on your Samsung Galaxy A50 to stop recording, or click on “Stop” in the upper left corner of your screen to end recording altogether

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