Eliminating the nest isn’t too difficult however it will require you to follow certain procedures and guidelines to remain protected and accomplish the job right.

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Things You Need

  • A powerful flashlight that can clearly show where the nest is situated;
  • Goggles or safety glasses to keep your eyes safe from sprays and stings;
  • Mask for the face that protects your nose and mouth to prevent breathing in the poison spray.
  • Protective gloves for heavy work and clothing like long pants, long sleeves, or boots – you need to cover the skin, and then put some layers on your body and the stinger of a wasp.
  • A long pole, or a Broomstick;
  • Wasp sprays that can extend up to fifteen to twenty feet

The first step is that you are aware of the activity of wasps and be aware that they are more active during warm weather. It is suggested to wait until temperatures are lower than 55 degrees to identify and eliminate wasps since they’ll be less active and more cautious. Make sure you’re wearing your protective equipment, such as your goggles, gloves, and long-sleeves, as you’ll be inside the fireplace, which is where a wasp might fly through. After you’ve covered yourself, locate the place where the nest of wasps is by shining the flashlight upwards and looking into the chimney.

The nest typically is near the top of the chimney, close to the vent, however, they may also be further down, close towards the fire. In the event that your nest lies situated close to the chimney’s top, You may have to climb up on the roof using your wasp spray. Ideally, you should use one such as cypermethrin, which is slow-acting, and kills the wasps because they reside in the nest. Spray the nest with a thorough spray however, be careful to avoid falling if you’re on the roof, however, be aware that wasps could seek to flee the nest. The nest should be checked the following day to determine whether there’s still activity, such as live wasps flying around or crawling about. If you do see activity, spray it again. It could take several applications to completely remove wasps. After that, you can knock the nest off the chimney’s interior making sure to get rid of the nest. This technique is best carried out by using small, in the beginning, nests. The larger nests, which are established, need to be taken down by a specialist pest control service.

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