How do I clean the filter on my Tineco vacuum?

Remove the filters with a counter-clockwise twist. Under running water, wash the dustbin and the mesh filter. Before reinstalling, make sure the dustbin and mesh filter have been allowed to air dry completely. Use the Tineco Pre Filter Cleaning Tool to clean the pre-filter.

Can the Tineco pre filter be washed?

However, Tineco’s proprietary Pre Filter Cleaning Tool is highly recommended to help prevent suction loss when cleaning the pre filter. Before reinstalling, the HEPA filter needs to be thoroughly dried and cleaned under running water.

How often do you change Tineco filter?

Both filters must be replaced as well. Depending on how often you use it, I’d suggest replacing it every 6-10 months.

Why does my Tineco vacuum keep blinking red?

Step 1: Ensure that the device is fully charged before continuing. Step 2: Inspect the brush roll and clear any clogs that may have formed. If the brush roll needs to be cleaned, do so. If the device is overheated, cool it down.

Why does my Tineco keep shutting off?

The dustbin and the filters should be checked.2. Use the Tineco rinse-free filter cleaning tool to clean the prefilter. When the dustbin and filters have dried completely, reinstall them correctly.

Does Tineco have a HEPA filter?

To be used with the Tineco PURE ONE S12.Two pre filters and a HEPA filter are included in the kit. While cleaning, the HEPA filter traps 99.97% of the particles that are emitted, and the non-allergenic fresh air is expelled.

How do I take my Tineco handle off?

To remove the handle, use a tool (such as a screwdriver) to press the spring and then lift the handle out of the appliance. Be sure to fully charge the device (4+0.5 hours; see “Charging Instructions”) before the first time you use it. Based on Tineco lab testing results.

Why is my Tineco battery not charging?

Make certain that the battery is correctly installed and that the charger is in good working order. Please double-check that the pin has been properly inserted.

What does a red light on Tineco mean?

A single red blinking light indicates a lack of power, a blocked appliance, or an overheated battery. Filters or the suction mouth are blocked, as indicated by a single pink blinking light.

Why does Tineco leak dirty water?

Make sure that the CWT/DWT/brushroll cover/gaskets are properly installed before using the machine. Make sure the DWT is not full by checking the DWT. If necessary, tamp down the DWT. Verify that the DWT, floater, pre-filter, brush chamber, and debris channel are not obstructed before continuing.

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