Why Does My Dyson Pulse?

There are many reasons why your Dyson vacuum cleaner may not be working properly. The most common reason for a Dyson vacuum cleaner not working is that it has lost power. If this happens, do not worry as there are several ways to fix this problem. Faulty Motor The most Continue Reading

Why Does My Dyson Keep Cutting Out?

Dyson can sometimes be temperamental—and it’s not uncommon to experience periods of time where the vacuum cuts out while you’re using it. Dysons use cyclone technology, which essentially means that air passes through an opening and is then spun inside the vacuum by a series of blades. These spinning blades Continue Reading

How To Empty A Dyson V7

Unplug the V7 and allow it to cool down for 10 minutes before removing the canister and fluid cap. Remove the cap by turning it clockwise until it clicks into place, then remove the cap completely. Make sure that you always keep your hand away from the nozzle when removing Continue Reading