If you’ve ever had braces, you know how complicated it can be to keep them clean. They’re impossible to brush or floss, and even mouthwash doesn’t always do the trick. 

Most dentists recommend that their patients refrain from getting any kind of piercing while they have braces because it could interfere with their treatment plan and make it more difficult for them to achieve the beautiful smile they desire in the long run.

But what about those who already have their braces removed? Can they get a tongue piercing now? The answer is yes—but only if they have no intention of getting another one later.

Braces put your teeth at risk for bacteria build-up and decay.

In addition, the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease thrive in moist mouths. 

Braces put your teeth at risk for bacteria build-up and decay, which can lead to tooth sensitivity, infection, or other issues.

Braces also make it more difficult to clean between your teeth with a toothbrush or floss, increasing the chances of developing cavities on those hard-to-reach surfaces between your teeth.

Braces require high maintenance.

Braces are high maintenance and require regular cleaning and check-ups, which can be problematic if you have a tongue piercing. 

This is because the metal on braces can cause damage to your new piercings, so it’s essential to remove any jewelry when your braces are exposed.:

  • You can remove one side of your retainer every night before bed and replace it when you wake up so that both sides of your teeth will have access to food throughout the day.
  • If removing one side causes discomfort, purchase an extra retainer from the dentist to alternate between them during meals instead of having just one in place at all times.

A tongue piercing can interfere.

If you are considering getting your tongue pierced, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Braces are designed to move your teeth into the correct position, and a tongue piercing can interfere with this process and cause your teeth to move in the wrong direction or even get damaged.

If you decide to get your tongue pierced while wearing braces (and many people do), it’s essential to take steps so that the piercing won’t hurt your braces or interfere with their effectiveness. 

The best way to avoid problems is by choosing a barbell-style barbell instead of another style that might be more likely to snag on something or break off inside of you if hit hard enough when playing sports,…

While getting a tongue piercing while you have braces


  • You could damage the wire of your braces and cause them to become loose or come off altogether. If this happens, they’ll need to be removed and replaced by another orthodontist.
  • You could injure your gums and mouth in general if the piercer isn’t careful during the procedure, as there’s no guarantee that they know how to pierce someone with braces on their teeth safely.
  • Your mouth can become infected when metal objects are inserted into it, whether those objects are permanent fixtures like implants or temporary ones like earrings and rings (or even just one metal tooth).


You’ll decide for yourself. If you choose to get a tongue piercing while you have braces on, be sure to check with your orthodontist, and they will be able to give you specific instructions about what jewelry you should use and how long it will heal. We hope this has answered any questions that may arise when considering whether or not getting your tongue while wearing braces makes sense.

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