You’re at McDonald’s, and it’s lunchtime. You’ve been thinking about getting a Quarter Pounder with cheese, but you also want something to dip it in.

So you ask the cashier if they have a Big Mac sauce you could buy and bring home with you since they don’t sell Big Macs here.

No, you can’t get Big Mac sauce on a Quarter Pounder.

It wouldn’t be appropriate for the fast-food chain to combine two products. 

The Quarter Pounder comes with mayonnaise and ketchup already included in its recipe (just like every other burger). 

Secondly, by law, McDonald’s is not allowed to sell you a Big Mac in smaller portions than they offer at their restaurants!

If you want to try out the famous sauce on your terms, though, here are some home-cooked recipes to help:

It also would be easier if you just ordered a Big Mac.

You could also order a Big Mac and ask them to put the sauce on it. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could try asking for a big mac sauce packet separately. 

However, this is not recommended because most McDonald’s employees don’t know what “big mac” even means.

You should avoid ordering a Quarter Pounder with Extra Cheese and then asking for the Big Mac sauce—unless all you want is cheese.

Whataburger sauce isn’t the same as Big Mac sauce.

Whataburger is a Texas institution, but it’s not the same as McDonald’s. 

The chain offers its version of a Thousand Island dressing-based sauce (with onions), which is the closest to what you’d get in a Big Mac if you’re trying to replicate that experience.

The real question here is: Do they taste different? The answer is very much yes. On their website, Whataburger states that their burger sauce has “a unique blend of spices,” While it’s not clear what those spices are, they certainly don’t list mayonnaise or pickles among them.

McDonald’s doesn’t let you substitute sauces on different sandwiches.

At McDonald’s, you can’t get Big Mac sauce on a Quarter Pounder, and you can get it on a Big Mac. But the chain doesn’t have a Quarter Pounder and its signature sauce.

McDonald’s has over 30 sauces in its arsenal—including their famous French fry dipping sauce, “McNugget Sauce.”

The company also offers BBQ and Sriracha sauces for chicken sandwiches, ketchup, mustard, mayo, and sweet & sour at every table. 

And while they don’t currently offer any variations of their own Big Mac sandwich (they did have one briefly), there are some options out there if you’re looking for something similar that’s still going to taste like heaven in your mouth:


If you want Mac, then just order one. You can still get both of your favorite sauces on the burgers, but it will be easier if you just call them separately.

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